Nissan Window Glass Breaks Into Tiny, Very Sharp Shards

Nissan Window Glass Breaks Into Tiny, Very Sharp Shards That Easily Get Embedded In Your Hands

I recently had the unhappy experience of having the passenger side front window of my Nissan Leaf smashed while it was parked at my son’s child development (pre-school) center.  While items were taken, the biggest issue was the amount of and type of glass shards that were left all over the inside of the car, covering the seats, floor, etc.  I had quite a few shards of glass embedded in my hands after cleaning up the car on-site so that I could safely transport my Son.  I also got more shards stuck in my hands over the next few days due to the large volume of small shards in the car.

I use the Nissan Leaf to transport my Son almost every day and the thought of having all of this glass inside the car, that can easily embed into his hands, move to his face, lips, eyes, etc, disturbs me.

Here are some pictures of the normal sized chunks and the ones that are disturbing.

This first picture is of what you would expect from tempered “safety” glass, large chunks that can be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner and confirmed with a visual inspection.

Big Shards and Dime Nissan Leaf

Larger Shards of Safety Glass

This second picture is of the smaller, dangerous and unsafe glass shards that are embedded in my seats, floor, headliner, made it into my hands (and some into my foot due to the fact that I was wearing sandals that day)

Small Shard and Dime Nissan Leaf

Small, Sharp and Very Dangerous Glass Shards

The third picture is more of the smaller shards, some of which traveled around my house with me.

Small Shards of Glass Nissan Leaf

Small Shards of Glass

The tiniest shards of glass are barely visible around the dime.

Tiny Shards and Dime Nissan Leaf

Tiny Shards of Glass

Shards and Dime Nissan Leaf

More tiny shards of glass

Shards Nissan Leaf

A Collection of Different Sized Shards

Running WordPress with Docker

A Dummies Guide to running WordPress with Docker

For those of you like me who are slow to catch on, Docker provides a nice way to do “one click” installs of software without having to manage/install a front-end/portal.

Over the course of about 20 minutes I ran the following commands on a Debian 7 (Wheezy) machine as root:

echo deb http://get.docker.io/ubuntu docker main | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list
apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 36A1D7869245C8950F966E92D8576A8BA88D21E9
apt-get update
apt-get install -y lxc-docker
docker pull mysql
docker pull wordpress
docker run --name wp-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password -d mysql
docker run --name test-wp --link wp-mysql:mysql -p 8080:80 -d wordpress

And I was able to access my brand new wordpress install on the IP of the Debian box on port 8080..

If I want another wordpress, I can just launch it on another port, or link it to another IP (–ip=


7 shocking clues that your home may have a secret life

1.) Your house has door ways, which may double as earthquake protection.

2.) The floor of your house is also the ceiling of your basement.

4.) Other creatures such as mice, cats, dogs and insects may call your house home.

4.) There is no number 3

5.) Your home is stealing sunlight, changing it into heat energy and releasing it for FREE at night.

6.) Your home is registered as a cybersecurity business.

7.) You are reading this list.

The Social Network Build Up From My Perspective

I was not an early adopter of Social Networks

Sure I was on Friendster along with a bunch of my friends from IRC and Real Life but that like LinkedIn was missing most of the social aspect that we now see.
I avoided Xanga and only went on MySpace because certain “acquaintances” were using it to organize get togethers (meetings at bars and such) but it was not a place to hold discussions. Orkut? I had early access.. but it never seemed to feel useful. Facebook? I went there because MySpace became spam city (it still is, I log on and immediately get friend requests from “women” in other countries).  My family is on Facebook and I can easily see what is going on there.  Other then that, some of the games are fun (Slots, Pull Tabs).  I use twitter to track Formula 1.. it’s useful for that :)
So now we have Google+. I find G+ engaging, almost like visiting a conference and getting involved in a round table discussion with colleges and other interested people. You have some of the more knowledgable people in the industry talking about interesting (and annoying) subjects. You have some of your friends from Facebook, from Twitter and a few other places.  G+ offers threaded discussions and some of them get huge.. 500 replies. It’s like Fark, or /. but with slightly more control.

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do…

Earlier today the company I work for, Cisco Systems announced that they would layoff 11,500 people. That amounts to %9 of our workforce.

This has been a long process that started back in April with an announcement from John Chambers, CEO.

In Late April Cisco announced a Early Retirement program covering about 6000 employees.

Today they announced the final cuts – 4,400 people (6,500 – 2,100 who took early retirement).

Also today Borders announced that they would shutter all their stores and shut down causing about 11,000 people to lose their jobs.

The Issues I See With CPA Ad Networks

I’ve been experimenting this week with CPA Ad Networks and trying to figure out how they can help me monetize my sites in a post-amazon California. I have so far signed up with 2 providers who I shall not name at this time. Both approved me quickly and have been very supporting and helpful.
With the first one, I was browsing for CPA Ads that were simple, straightforward and would fit my consumers. I found one where it was a simple Survey, choose national brand a or b. There didn’t seem to be any issues with the ad so I grabbed the html and put it on one of my sites as a test. I went to the site, clicked on the ad and… wham all the alarms went off in my browser complaining about “possible malware distribution site” and basically blocking me from going to the landing page.
I talked with my “ad manager” from the ad network and informed them of the issue I found. The response I got was underwhelming. The main response was to look for other ads and see if they also had issues and choose the ones that did not. This tells me the companies are more concerned about their bottom line then the quality of what they provide.
I then went and signed up with a second company, which is rated highly in the CPA/CPC space. At first everything looked good, I found an ad that I liked and felt would match my customer base, put it on my site to test it. No problems with the ad. I went looking for another ad that would match a different site, and when I clicked to preview it.. wham again, all the alarms went off and I was informed that this was yet another known malware distribution site.
I am currently 2 for 2 on choosing bad companies. Is the CPA/CPC Ad space just this bad? I have an ethical issue with serving any ads to my viewers that might harm them. I can’t trust either of these vendors and I don’t know if there are any others that are any better.
If you want to know who the networks are, just drop me a line.